Dr Wojciech Portalski


Senior Lecturer

Research interests

  • social and political changes of contemporary world and Poland
  • demographic structures and their spatial diversity
  • industry and its role in post-industrial economy


Selected publications

  • Portalski W., 1998, Characteristic and assessment of the output of Gdansk geographers in the area of industrial geography [w:] S. Misztal, Z. Zioło (red.), Polish industry geography output in the research of academic centres, Wydawnictwo Krakowskiego Oddziału PAN, Warszawa-Kraków, 203-218. [PL]
  • Portalski W., 1997, Spatial diversity of the demand for geographical studies at the University of Gdansk in academic year 1997/98, Kwartalnik Geograficzny 4/1997, 49-54. [PL]
  • Portalski W., 1996, Geography of Koszalinskie Voivodeship, Wydawnictwo Marek Rożak, Gdańsk. [PL]