A prestigious award for dr Dominika Studzińska!

We are pleased to announce that dr Dominika Studzińska employed as an adjunct in the Department of Socio-Economic Geography, has received the Eugeniusz Romer award for the best doctoral dissertation defended in 2018 in the field of socio-economic geography.

The Committee on Geographical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences appreciated the doctoral dissertation prepared by dr Studzińska. Its name was: “Changing role and nature of the Polish-Russian border and the conditions for the development of the Polish border zone”, and it was prepared under the guidance of prof. Iwona Sagan and dr Magdalena Szmytkowska (assistant supervisor). In 2018, the dissertation prepared by the laureate also received a distinction from the Council of the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography of the University of Gdańsk.