To what extent the development of micromobility affects urban space?

We are pleased to inform that dr Joanna Stępień has been granted funding by the National Science Center as part of the MINIATURA 3 competition for a single scientific action, which concerns the implementation of the project entitled “Risks to health and safety in urban space resulting from the development of micromobility.” For many cities in the world, micro-mobile transportation has become a recipe for the problem of first and last mile, congestion and gas emissions. However, its appearance in public space brings problems and challenges for local communities and authorities. The main goal of research under this project is to answer the question on how and to what extent the development of micromobility affects the safety and health of population in cities. The results can provide a real support for the development of solutions that increase the safe sharing of urban space by pedestrians as well as people using micromobile vehicles. Congratulations!
Photo by Oudom Pravat on Unsplash

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