Our research on the perception of home / social isolation during the Covid-19 epidemic has been extended, after stage in Poland, to other countries thanks to the support of our partners abroad!

On the basis of the recent onset of coronavirus outbreak and an unprecedented situation that affects our everyday life, we decided to conduct on-line research on the perception of home / social isolation during the Covid-19 epidemic.

The research is coordinated by dr Joanna Stepien from Department of Socio-Economic Geography together with professor Tomasz Michalski from Department of Regional Development and in cooperation with Medical University of Gdansk (Jakub Grabowski, MD, PhD; Przemysław Waszak, MD, PhD).

After its initial stage in Poland the study has been extended to other countries: Italy, Germany, USA, Japan and United Arab Emirates thanks to the support of our partners abroad.

In this study we are asking for opinion on the requirements of social isolation during Covid-19 epidemic outbreak, as well as for the description on how isolation, quarantine and other disturbances influence people’s comfort. The results will help to recognize how separation from other people affects health and mental state and how our everyday behaviours, especially spatial mobility has changed.

The link to the research:

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash